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  • 32Crash. Hyperreal. Vinyl.

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32Crash. Hyperreal. Vinyl.

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Product Description

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...Images ...hyperreal ...noisy sounds ...hypereal ...harder than steel ...After their highly acclaimed Y2112Y album, 32Crash is ready to take on another sonic adventure. Revisiting some familiar landscapes, re-inventing some known soundscapes, altering the same reality. Hyperreal is a 6 track vinyl release featuring 6 exclusive remixes, again all done by 32 Crash themselves. This time fully aimed for club-play. These remixes clearly have a very retro feel to it. But what can you expect when you know that 32 Crash is Jean-luc de Meyer (Front 242), Len Lemeire (Implant) and Jan D’Hooghe. In collaboration with Black Rain, Emmo.biz and Alfa Matrix, this is a must have for fans of EBM, vinyl and the year 2112. Released on 21-1-2012. Limited to 300 copies. Don’t let it get wasted for another 100 years.

Track Listing

Side A:
01. HYPERREAL ├╝berwirklich mx
02. DAWNING SUN crepuscular mx
03. PERPETUUM MOBILE Velikovsky mx

Side B:
01. HYPERREAL happily peel the pear mx
02. THE MAN WHO CAME FROM LATER future Zukunft mx
03. ELEGY FOR HIMSELF sdb activated mx