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16Pad Noise Terrorist. Utopia. CD.

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Product Description

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New project by S.K.E.T. member Candy Schlüer! With his first album, he hits directly to the center of the dark drum’n’bass genre. A quite diverse blend of club tracks in a wide range from highspeed hardcore tunes to slow-steady tracks. In total they all have a quite unique symbiosis of melodic sounds, industrialized sounds, forceful and powerful beats and distorted infectious basslines. Let’s terrorize the world with 16 sample pad guns! Released by Hands.<

Track Listing

01 Utopia 1
02 No Pain No Religion
03 Indianina
04 Mr Bane
05 Symbolic Forms
06 Swamp Of Death
07 Break 7 Slow
08 Mangogirl
09 The Knarz Industry
10 Darksteps
11 Utopia 2
12 My Way
13 T Or 3rror
14 Utopia 3
15 Noisia Utopia
16 Lovetrack (Excited)