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  • 16 Volt vs Hate Dept. The Remix Wars: Strike 3. Vinyl.
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16 Volt vs Hate Dept. The Remix Wars: Strike 3. Red Vinyl.

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Twenty years ago, in the mid-90s, before remixes were suddenly everywhere along came a series of releases in 1996, which, not entirely new, shook things up and in many ways defined an era: The Remix Wars.

The concept of The Remix Wars was simple enough: two artists remix one another and release the results on a collaborative CD. The idea had been done before (see the KMFDM vs. TKK remix 12" from 1990), but never on such a grandiose scale, and never with such a breadth and depth. First, the artists: a pair of 1990s EBM/industrial bands in wumpscut vs. haujobb; a pair of classic 1980s bands who had taken a decidedly metal spin on industrial in Front Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps; and a pair of then-new bands with a new spin on industrial, EBM, and rock in 16 Volt vs. Hate Dept. Second, the collaboration between labels: 21st Circuitry, Off Beat, Cleopatra... and Metropolis would join the fray in 1999 for Volume 4. And, finally, the desire to experiment and re-work tracks, not simply to make a club hit but to authentically give voice to a different artist through the lens of technology.

It was a thoroughly collaborative effort, on every level.

On the 20th year anniversary of the launch of The Remix Wars, Artoffact Records will release the first three volumes (Strikes) on special edition vinyl. The three releases are as follows:

Strike 1: wumpscut vs. haujobb
Strike 2: Front Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps
Strike 3: 16 Volt vs. Hate Dept.

-An amazing new design has been prepared for the reissues
-Each sleeve will include hot silver foil stamp on the artist logos and Remix Wars logo (it's going to look beyond wicked...just wait for the real-life sleeves)
-Each record will be released in three formats: black, colour, and collector's half-half effect
-The colour schemes for the coloured vinyl were selected to reflect the original colours of the CD releases
-All audio has been remastered for vinyl
-Each release comes with an insert that includes an essay by Sharon Kyronfive, former 21st Circuitry employee and current I Die: You Die columnist. Essays will also include retrospective commentary by the artists involved.
-high-quality multi-format download for Storming the Base customers (via Bandcamp)
-the wickedest remix collabs basically ever (START f--ken DIGGING... -- nuff said! OK WAIT ACTUALLY ERIC f--ken POWELL -- nuff said!)


Product Videos

The Remix Wars: Strike 3 - 16 Volt vs Hate Dept - 02 - Dreams of Light (Nightmare) (04:59)
The Remix Wars, Strike 3: 16 Volt vs. Hate Dept. is the 3rd remix album released by 21st Circuitry Records. It features three songs by each artist, remixed by the other artist. Stiched was originally recorded on 16 Volt's second album Skin. Dreams of Light and Motorskill were both originally recorded on their first album Wisdom. All three songs by the Hate Dept. (Defensive, Start Digging and Drive:a) came from their debut album Meat.Your.Maker. This is the 2nd. song on the CD; Dreams of Light (Nightmare)
  • The Remix Wars...
    The Remix Wars, Strike 3: 16 Volt vs. Hate Dept. is the 3rd re...
  • The Remix Wars...
    The Remix Wars, Strike 3: 16 Volt vs. Hate Dept. is the 3rd re...

Track Listing

Side A: 16 Volt remixed by Hate Dept.
A1. 16 Volt - Stitched (Face-Rip)
A2. 16 Volt - Dreams Of Light (Nightmare)
A3. 16 Volt - Motorskill (Quad)

Side B: Hate Dept. remixed by 16 Volt
B1. Hate Dept. - Drive : A (Netmix)
B2. Hate Dept. - Start Digging (The Giver / The Taker)
B3. Hate Dept. - Defensive (Loose And Thrash Mix)