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15 Buy 1-Get-1 Free Deals to Kill For on Boxing Week


We continue our Boxing Week Kick-Off with 2 for 1 deals on select Artoffact Records titles and a few from our friends!

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1. Buy Continues. Continues. CD. get VNV Nation. Automatic. CD. FREE!

2. Buy Saltillo. Monocyte. CD. get Mona Mur & En Esch. Do With Me What You Want. FREE!

3. Buy Mindless Faith. Just Defy. CD. get Alice In Videoland. A Million Thoughts and... FREE!

4. Buy Legend. Fearless. CD. get Encephalon. The Transhuman Condition. FREE!

5. Buy Dead When I Found Her. Rag Doll Blues. CD. get Ascii.Disko. Black Orchid: From Airlines To Lifelines. FREE!

6. Buy Chrysalide. Don't Be Scared, It's About Life [Expanded]. CD. get Necro Facility. Wintermute. FREE!

7. Buy Jesus On Extasy. No Gods. get Omega Lithium. Dreams In Formaline (Bonus Track). FREE!

8. Buy ∆AIMON. Flatliner. CD. get Prospero. Folie a Deux: The Elements & The Madness. FREE!

9. Buy Various. Kinetik Festival Volume 5. 2CD. get Various. Kinetik Festival Volume 4. FREE!

10. Buy S.P.O.C.K. The Best Of The SubSpace Years. CD. get Vigilante. The New Resistance. FREE!

11. Buy The Horrorist. Joyless Pleasure. CD. get Massiv in Mensch. Niemand weiss, was die Zukunft... FREE!

12. Buy Saltillo. Monocyte: The Lapis Coil. Vinyl. get Psyche. Re-Membering Dwayne. FREE!

13. Buy Distorted Memory. Temple of the Black Star. CD. get Saltillo. Ganglion (Re-issue). FREE!

14. Buy The Rabid Whole. Refuge. CD. get Jet Set Satellite. End Of An Era. CD. FREE!

15. Buy Front Line Assembly. AirMech. CD. get Decree. Fateless. CD. FREE!




It's been a SUPER year for music and also a great year for Artoffact (and our friends!). We cannot think of a better way to get this stuff out there than to give you guys all 2-for-1 pricing on this selection of 30 amazing CDs. Most of the pairs include something great from this year and something great from last year. Even if you own one of the two, they make great gift ideas and the price is unbeatable. Thank you again to our customers and suppliers for making 2012 unforgetable!